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Connect Yourself within Community

Connect Community within Yourself

6 Month Class

Deeper Connection within a

Reiki practice

Why Join the Connections Course?

We are experiencing a time of powerful global transformation.  You have completed your Usui Reiki level I/II, or Usui Master certification, and now you feel yourself growing, shifting, changing, wanting to understand, wanting to be of assistance. You know you have a greater purpose for this one precious life. You are sensitive to the feelings of those around you and what is happening in the collective energy. If you are ready to deepen your journey of healing, expanding, and transformation. This program is for you.

Reiki  Master hands with water


3 Online Certifications

Weekend Workshops & weekly in-person

Live Zoom participation available

Begin Your Journey to Intuitive Reiki Master


Build Connections within the Community

Experienced & Professional Guest Teachers, all Reiki Masters

Meet Your Presenter

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Your Teacher

Play Video

Stephanie is a Licensed, Certified Massage Therapist,, a Holy Fire® Reiki III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, and an Intuitive Energy Healer. She is trained in Obsidiana, or Obsidian Mirror, the ancient Mayan technique of looking inward to release trauma and pain.In 2021, Stephanie competed a year-long apprenticeship with Leanne Holitza of Insightful Inspirations,to become an Energy Awareness Instructor. Stephanie teaches classes in Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki I, II and Master, Holy Fire® Reiki III Karuna Reiki Master, Energy Awareness, Advanced Energy Anatomy, and Subtle Aromatherapy. 

"I grew up in Colorado and New Mexico, and have always felt myself drawn to the beautiful rivers of the Rocky Mountains and the Sandia Peaks. In 2009, during a meditation next to the Ceran St. Vrain River, I realized that mountain rivers have always been the source of my own healing. When I received the Reiki II attunement, that same river energy became the source of my ability to bring healing to others. The trees, animals, birds, and insects help out, as do other spirit guides. I add Energy Healing and Reiki into each massage, and also offer Reiki and Energy Healing with sound and crystals as a session on its own." 

Holy Fire III© Karuna Reiki Master Stephanie Soder

Online Course

Intuitive Energy Program

Enjoy connecting with other like-minded healers, grow your practice, and share your gift. 

6 Months

In person classes, with live Zoom available

Every Month

Guest Speakers

In this 6-month program, you’ll learn to understand energy, consciousness, and awareness.

- You’ll begin the program with a weekend  workshop to get to know one another and set intentions and expectations for the class.

- Small, two-hour classes will be held weekly in-person and  through Zoom.

- Your training will begin with Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master.

- In the middle, you will explore, learn, play, journal, and get to know yourself, your gifts, and your unique offering to the world.

- And end with Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher certifications.


You’ll learn:

  • Energy anatomy

  • Frequency and vibration

  • Protections and Energetic Boundaries for Empaths

  • Archetypes

  • Energy tools such as cards, crystals and pendulums

  • Nature therapy

  • Meditation and movement

  • Energy healing around the world including cultural concepts

  • Healing and Animals

  • And so much more


You will also learn the ethics of Spiritual healing including cooperation vs appropriation. Most importantly, you’ll learn to deeply care for yourself and those around you, and connect to the world with your most powerful self.

Meet Our Energy Teachers

Each month you’ll hear from a different guest speaker uniquely qualified in their field. This gives you the benefit of multiple perspectives on healing, and the ability to find out how your own light shines.

Melissa DeRenzo, Reiki Master and Sound Healer

Melissa DeRenzo

 Reiki Master, Sound Healer

Katie Vinther, owner of Shine Your LIght Crystals

Katie Vinther

Intuitive Holy Fire III© Karuna Reiki Master

Andrea Quarles, Reiki Master and Holistic Health Coach

Andrea Quarles

Holy Fire III© Reiki Master and Holistic Health Coash

Leanne Holitza, owner of Insightful Inspirations

Leanne Holitza 

Intuitive Wellbeing Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner

Melissa is committed to self-growth at this time in her life. In her journey, she has found that helping others on their path, is very rewarding and fulfilling! She became a yoga teacher in 2013 and a reiki master in 2016, More recently, she has completed a 6-day training (July 2018) and received certification through VSA Vibration Sound Association. She loves offering one-on-one treatments, or sound baths with singing bowls as well!

In addition, she gets lit up when sharing the power and beauty of frequency and vibration and wants to share it with everyone! Learning and growing keeps her Love Alive

Katie is an Intuitive, Holy Fire III© Karuna Reiki Master, and a Level III Energy Awareness Practitioner and has been practicing Energy Healing work since 2015. She works to help people find healing and balance; to feel peaceful and calm and move into the best version of themselves as they are ready. She feels a deep connection to crystals and their healing benefits. She has worked with them for years both personally and professionally and this connection has inspired her to open a crystal shop in addition to her healing practice.

Andrea is a Holy Fire III© Reiki Master, and a Holistic Health coach with an extensive background in mindfulness, nature-based spiritual practices, and performing ceremonies/rituals for those ready for a change. With over 20 years of experience she brings a sense of humor, an open-mind, and the groundedness to hold space for you in whatever stage you are in in your life.

There is much more to life than the physical plane we can see, touch, hear and smell. You’ve felt it on an intuitive level: our thoughts are powerful things that have energy and shape our lives. Our emotions can hold us back or plunge us forward. Our expectations manifest themselves in the world and shape our experience of life. And yet, no one has ever taught us how to work with these energetic tools. So instead of powerfully showing up in the world as pure expressions of ourselves, we become mired in thinking, doing and obsessing. We allow weak, unproductive energies to dictate our lives because we don’t fully understand that we are magical, powerful, energetic beings. My mission is to lovingly call forth the divine peace, abundance and courage that is chomping at the bit to be unleashed from deep within.

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives

Stepping into the next level of reiki can be challenging, but elevating your reiki gift around other intuitive healers can guide you to tap into your own unique essence. Deepen your skills and confidence after completing Usui Reiki levels I/II and learn the energy protection tools to strengthen your empathic abilities without absorbing energy from the world around you. 

Protect your energy

Learned the 5 subtle energy tools used to protect your own energy while doing energy healings. Experience energy on a deeper level. 

Grow deeply within

Grow your reiki practice and become

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master & Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher certifications.

ascend into the subtle energy fields and understand energy, consciousness, and awareness.

strengthen relationships

Connect with other intuitive healers. Tap into your own unique reiki essence, by getting feedback from other intuitive healers. 

 Connect with the world around you

Become a Reiki master and learn the essentials of the subtle fields to see how your light shines through your healing abilities.

Quinn's testimonial

Quinn, Usui Reiki III

"I took Stephanie's Reiki I and II class a few years back and it completely changed my life. Stephanie's insight and openness for teaching this work made my experience as her student extremely fulfilling. I got so much more out of this class than I had expected. I then went on to take her level III/advanced Reiki class which took my skills to the next level. I love that Stephanie weaves in her knowledge of other energy practices into the Reiki program. Stephanie has so much knowledge and wisdom to share. It's been an honor to be a student of hers."

Erin's testimonial

Erin, Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

Stephanie introduced me to the beauty of Reiki energy healings. She noticed the gift and ability within me and encouraged me to look into gaining the knowledge myself, and I am so glad she did! I have taken her usui reiki I/II and continued to get my usui/ holy fire III Reiki Master with her a couple of years later. Stephanie provides an encouraging and safe environment to feel confident in the new abilities obtained in the class. She has been there for me from the beginning and towards the end. I am so grateful for the guidance of Stephanie and helping me connect the dots to creating my own buisness around Reiki and Energy Healing. And it has changed my life forever in the best way possible. I highly encourage anyone looking at getting started with Reiki to look at Stephanie and all the wonders she can provide. 

Kimberly's testimonial

Kimberly, Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki Master,
Connections Graduate

Stephanie’s connection class exceeded my expectations and took me to a whole new level of understanding of myself and the energy around me. Each class gave me more confidence in my healing abilities and also allowed me to explore and discover new ways to work with energy. I walked away from the experience with a deeper appreciation of who I am, what I am capable of, and a much clearer path ahead of me. Along with a connection to myself, I made connections to other students and within the community that I would not have otherwise. I am forever grateful to Stephanie and to my guides for arranging the opportunity for us to connect.   

Johnna's testimonial

Johnna, Usui Reiki I/II

"Becoming a Reiki Practitioner has been one of my goals for years. Finding the right instructor was so important to me and I was grateful to be lead to Stephanie Soder! Stephanie has a beautiful gift of connecting with others and ensuring her students feel confident, educated and challenged! Her knowledge is vast and she’s eager to share it with others. Stephanie came prepared to each session, was a connector for others and was committed to each student having a great experience. She led by a beautiful peaceful example with her humble and loving energy. After our Reiki courses concluded, I have continued with Stephanie’s teachings through her Reiki Share sessions too! 


Thank you, Stephanie!"


With an intimate group of only 8 students, you’ll learn to create and be part of a healing community, and develop relationships that will last a lifetime.

"Find your light & let it shine through your healing abilities"

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